20 Things You Didn't Know About Inception

8. The Snow-Based Third Level Was Inspired By Nolan's Favorite Bond Film

Inception Wallpaper
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The James Bond films have been influential on the action genre for almost six decades now, and Inception takes inspiration from a certain 007 classic that's particularly favored by Nolan.

Nolan's favorite Bond film is On Her Majesty's Secret Service, aka George Lazenby's sole entry as the British spy, after he took it over from Sean Connery (only for Connery to return one last time in the following film).

In that film, there's a memorable action scene on the snowy mountains of Switzerland where Bond escapes Ernst Stavro Blofeld's henchman.

This served as the inspiration for the snowy third level of the dream in Inception, where Cobb, Ariadne, Eames, Saito, and Fischer infiltrate the fortified hospital.

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