20 Things You Didn't Know About Layer Cake

9. Sony Had A Controversial Scene From The Novel Changed

Layer Cake Daniel Craig
Sony Pictures Classics

Despite the movie's generally R-rated content, there is one scene from the novel which Sony insisted be changed during the adaptation process.

In the book, XXXX's sniper pal Lucky ends up accidentally shooting an American tourist while attempting to take down gangster Dragan (Dragan Mićanović).

The scene was originally adapted by Connolly to play out the same way on-screen, but Sony expressed discomfort at an American being killed, perhaps for fear of how it might affect the movie's overseas reception.

As a result, the scene was changed so that, in fact, Lucky gets sniped by Dragan before he's able to take the shot. In the movie's DVD commentary, Vaughn maintains that this actually made for a better scene, believe it or not.

A rare case of executive meddling paying off, perhaps?


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