20 Things You Didn't Know About Layer Cake

19. It Cost Just $6.5 Million To Make

Layer Cake Daniel Craig
Sony Pictures Classics

Despite how stylishly it's put together, how much popular music it features, and how thoroughly stocked it is with brilliant actors, Layer Cake incredibly only cost $6.5 million to produce.

For comparison's sake, Guy Ritchie's own gangster classic Snatch ended up costing $10 million back in 2000. That Vaughn could put together such a slick, cinematic, star-studded package for less than two-thirds of that is incredibly impressive.

Layer Cake went on to gross $11.9 million worldwide, yet made it clear to Hollywood that Vaughn could spin gold out of minimal resources.

In turn, this emboldened Paramount to trust him with a $88.5 million price tag on his second movie, the acclaimed fantasy film Stardust.


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