20 Things You Didn't Know About Raising Arizona

8. Nicolas Cage Told A Fan He Was Going To Kill Her When Signing An Autograph

Raising Arizona Woody Woodpecker
20th Century Fox

This one's more than a little bit strange.

The story goes that Cage was at a restaurant with Sam McMurray - who portrayed Glen in the film - when he was recognised by some female fans. Cage was a young, up-and-coming actor in the 80s and was something of a heartthrob, and one female fan had a hard time convincing herself that she was really looking at the Nic Cage.

Once she was convinced, she asked Cage for an autograph, to which he graciously agreed... and wrote "Tomorrow you will die. Nic Cage."

This is truly a bizarre situation, especially considering he was a method actor playing a goofball at the time. You'd maybe expect it as a joke from Tex Cobb out at dinner, but not from H.I. himself. This is all according to McMurray, though Cage has never talked about it himself.


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