20 Things You Didn't Know About Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

More Scott Pilgrim trivia than a speech about the origin of Pac Man.

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A certified box office bob-omb on release a decade ago, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World has since become the cult classic that all the geeky kids are in lesbians with.

Condensing a six volume comic book series into a single film, Edgar Wright's genre-bending videogame tribute, a musical action fantasy romantic comedy coming-of-age story, is absolutely packed with energy, incident and colourful characters. Not to mention it's every bit as full of creative references and Easter eggs as Wright's Cornetto trilogy.

There's so much to see in Scott Pilgrim that you really need to go back and rewatch it again and again to spot everything. (Which, judging by its paltry $48 million box office, very few people did at the time).

Never fear, though, because we've gone back through the movie which humbly describes itself as "an epic of epic epicness" to pick out all of the references, in jokes and background details that you may have missed. Feel free to bring any of these up the next time you want to impress a high school girl while playing a ninja-themed dance platform game.


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