20 Things You Didn't Know About Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

19. The Character Names Are Tributes To Canadian Music

Scott Pilgrim
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It's important to pay attention to the characters' T-shirts in the movie as they tell you a lot about what's going on.

Scott not only consistently changes the colour of his shirt to match Ramona's changing hair colour, but the logos on his shirts are full of references (the "SP" shirt isn't just Scott's initials but also a logo for The Smashing Pumpkins whose Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness album inspired the Scott Pilgrim And The Infinite Sadness volume of the comic).

For the fight with first evil ex Matthew, Scott is wearing a shirt with the logo of all-girl 90s indie band Plumtree. This is a reference to the Canadian power pop act's 1998 single Scott Pilgrim, from which O'Malley took the character's name.

The song itself was originally about a guy named Scott Ingram, hence Scott's rival and the third evil ex being named Todd Ingram. (O'Malley has explained that Todd is the "bigger, better, dumber" version of Scott, which is why they have similar sounding names).

Scott's not the only character whose name references Canadian music. His band's hanger on Young Neil has a name that's an inversion of Canadian rock legend Neil Young, while Sex Bob-omb frontman Stephen Stills shares a name with Young's American former bandmate from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Ramona Flowers, meanwhile, isn't named after a band, but there is a band named after her: Bristolian indie five-piece The Ramona Flowers.


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