20 Things You Didn't Know About Star Trek Generations

19. Paramount Allowed It To Go 40% Over Budget

Star Trek Generations Picard Kirk

The budgets of the Star Trek movies have been all over the map, and though Generations' era-bridging premise was an easy sell to even the most casual Trek fan, Paramount nevertheless wanted to keep the budget tight.

An initial budget proposal was set at just over $30 million, slightly above Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country's $27 million price tag, with the extra costs largely incurred by planned shoots in Hawaii, Idaho, and the Midwestern United States.

But Paramount ended up nixing some of the location shoots to get the budget down to a svelte $25 million.

However, production overages and the necessity to spend an extra $5 million reshooting Kirk's (William Shatner) death following poor test reactions bloated the budget out to $35 million.

All in all Generations went 40% over-budget, though Paramount were smart enough to know that it was worth throwing extra cash at something as important as Kirk's death, even if in the eyes of many fans they ultimately still whiffed it.


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