20 Things You Didn't Know About The Blues Brothers

20. The Blues Brothers Started As A Saturday Night Live Skit

Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi were both huge starts in the early days of SNL. Since the show was so new, pretty much everything the show did was groundbreaking.

The genesis of the Blues Brothers started out with Belushi and Akroyd singing the blues classic 'I'm a King Bee' in costumes they used for The Killer Bees sketches; a simple combining of two disparate concepts.

They started brainstorming ideas based around their beloved blues music, which led to the two creating the characters of Jake and Elwood Blues. They persuaded director Lorne Michaels to let them perform in character as the musical guests in 1978

Their performance was so well-received that they were asked to create an album of blues standards, which was also extremely successful, considering the state of music in 1979. The success of the album, in turn, persuaded Universal Studios that a full-length Blues Bros. movie would work.


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