20 Things You May Have Missed In Creed

These details certainly helped the Rocky spin-off pack a punch with fans.

Creed Paulie's Tombstone
Warner Bros.

It would not be wrong to state that the Rocky franchise has had an interesting cinematic journey. From the grounded leanings of the first two offerings, to the camp of the middle films and the introspective sixth entry, Rocky Balboa's journey was a compelling tale with a definitive ending.

Or at least that's what audiences thought until Creed came along. The 2015 spin-off had a lot working against it before release but was able to silence naysayers by being the best franchise entry since the 1976 original. Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington's screenplay returns to the grounded nature of the first flick while giving Apollo Creed's demise weight through the inclusion of his son, Adonis.

Wonderfully played by Michael B. Jordan, the younger Creed's tale sometimes parallels that of his mentor Rocky (a never better Sylvester Stallone), and their dynamic is easily the most mesmeric in the saga.

In addition to a smart, tightly written story and game performances, the movie features high-powered boxing scenes that are some of the best in the genre and makes excellent use of Philadelphia in a manner similar to the earlier pictures.

From emotional callbacks to older films, to unexpected but poignant doses of real life in the story's development, Creed's finer details are bound to impress fans and newcomers alike.

20. Michael B. Jordan's Intense Training Regimen

Creed Paulie's Tombstone
Warner Bros

To capture Adonis Creed's physicality, Michael B. Jordan naturally had to put in a ton of work to match his role. While the actor was in decent shape before getting the part, he needed to change up his routine immensely in order to properly convey the aspiring boxer's skill and frame.

Jordan stated that he packed on an astounding 24 pounds (around 11 kilos) of muscle by intensely training for one year. In addition to the weight training, he had to stick to a strict diet and learn how to box since he did not have a body double.

Fortunately, Jordan's hard work paid off and his ferocity and imposing nature in the boxing scenes were praised by both sports and film fans.

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