20 Things You Somehow Missed In Back To The Future

No matter how many times you watch it, there's always something new to find.

Universal Pictures

Time-travel is one of the most fascinating and trippy concepts in sci-fi. Since HG Wells wrote The Time Machine in 1895, everyone has fantasised about what they would do if the could travel to the past or future. This concept has been explored in many ways; to create your own legacy in Bill & Ted, being trapped in a time-loop in Groundhog Day, or stopping a catastrophe before it occurs in The Terminator.

But the most celebrated time-travel movie has got to be Back to the Future. The premise is genius; What if you went back in time and stopped your parents from meeting, meaning you were never born! But the film didn't just have a great spin on time-travel. It had a stellar cast, a masterful script, astounding practical stunts, and one of the greatest soundtracks in cinema.

As amazing as Back to the Future is, the behind-the-scene dramas, references to other films, sneaky cameos, and little Easter eggs are just as fascinating. You may know one or two secrets lurking in the film but I guarantee you didn't catch them all.


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