20 Things You Somehow Missed In Jaws

All the secrets revealed from the film that made you scared to go back in the water!

Jaws Ending

Considering how many problems Steven Spielberg faced when making Jaws, it’s a miracle how successful and popular the final product turned out to be. From failing mechanical sharks to badly behaved actors, Spielberg felt as though Jaws would be the film to end his career. People kept on telling him that true directors didn’t go over budget, nor did they go so far over filming schedule.

But his perseverance paid off because Jaws is now considered one of the greatest movies of all time, one that is still influencing filmmakers today, because of its masterful suspense and potent characters.

As its nearing fifty years of age, more and more little details hidden with the film are beginning to reveal themselves. Spielberg had a clever way of making pop culture references that went right under the nose of the audiences. And because of the many struggles faced during film production, it’s only inevitable that a few movie mistakes found their way into the final cut without the editing team noticing.

Most importantly, this is a story involving sharks, gore and deep waters. But how much of that was the real deal or how much of it was just convincing props?

20. The 007 Reference

Jaws Ending
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When Hooper and Brody cut open the tiger shark’s inside to examine whether it was the same shark that killed Alex Kintner, a various range of items fall out. This includes whole fish, empty tins and a license plate. The first three digits of the plate are ‘007’. This is a potential reference to the James Bond franchise as Spielberg had always wanted to direct a Bond film.

After Jaws, he went on to direct “Raiders of the Lost Ark” which is said to be his own American version of the 007 character.

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