20 Things You Somehow Missed In Kill Bill Volume 1

18. "Kiddo" Is Subtitled In Lower-Case

Kill Bill Vol 1

It isn't until Kill Bill Volume 2 that we learn the Bride's real name to be Beatrix Kiddo, with all clear verbal utterances of her first name being bleeped out throughout Volume 1 to preserve the mystery.

Amusingly, if you watch Volume 1 with subtitles on, whenever Bill (David Carradine) refers to the Bride as "kiddo" - as in, her surname - it's actually subtitled in lower-case, to preserve the surprise of her name reveal and persuade the audience he's simply referring to her with a typical term of endearment.

In Volume 2, however, once the surprise has been dropped, Kiddo changes to upper-case in the subtitles.


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