20 Things You Somehow Missed In Kill Bill Volume 2

Everything you missed in the finale to Tarantino's two-part revenge epic.

Kill Bill Volume 2

Kill Bill Volume 2 is one hell of a sequel, that's for damn sure.

Though it didn't offer the relentless ultra-violence of Volume 1, it brought The Bride's (Uma Thurman) roaring rampage of revenge to a satisfyingly sober conclusion, with a slower pace and more character-focused throughline.

As a result it's perhaps a film that many choose to rewatch less than the utterly action-packed Volume 1, and so it's a film where many might've missed a lot of Tarantino's finer details.

Kill Bill Volume 2 is after all as dense and detail-filled a movie as the filmmaker has ever made, overflowing with Easter eggs - both by way of references to classic cinema and nods to the first Kill Bill itself.

And yet, you probably missed the majority of these sneaky details, which again confirm the mind-bogglingly meticulous care and absolute attention-to-detail Tarantino puts into all of his movies.

If nothing else, this list should give you a greater appreciation for a film that few will rank as their favourite Tarantino film, even if it's still a magnificent piece of work in its own right...

20. Bill's Jacket Frames His Role In The Film

Kill Bill Volume 2

Let's kick things off with a subtle one, but as we all know, Tarantino never does anything by accident.

Near the start of the film, when we witness the flashback of Bill (David Carradine) arriving at The Bride/Beatrix's (Uma Thurman) wedding rehearsal, note that he unbuttons his jacket in the seconds before the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad enters the chapel and massacres everybody.

This is mirrored at the end of the film, when after Beatrix defeats Bill with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, he buttons up the same jacket before taking his five fateful steps.

In the first shot, Beatrix is walking away from Bill towards her husband-to-be, while in the latter, Bill is walking away from Beatrix towards his death. That's cinematic poetry.

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