20 Things You Somehow Missed In Kill Bill Volume 2

19. Budd Has The Same Gasoline Can As Reservoir Dogs' Mr. Blonde

Kill Bill Volume 2

Keep a close eye on the interior of Budd's (Michael Madsen) trailer, and you might notice a distinctive can of red-yellow Safeguard gasoline laying around.

If the prop looks familiar, that's because it was the very same brand of gasoline used by Michael Madsen's character Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs when he douses kidnapped cop Marvin Nash (Kirk Baltz) with it while torturing him.

True to form for Tarantino, Safeguard isn't a genuine gasoline brand but something he cooked up for his own universe of movies, much like the iconic Red Apple cigarettes.

It can also be briefly glimpsed in Pulp Fiction when another Marvin (Phil LaMarr) is being disposed of.

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