20 Things You Somehow Missed In Layer Cake

Tributes to iconic films, Kick-Ass connections, and much more Layer Cake goodness you likely missed.

Layer Cake Sienna Miller
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Before unleashing everything from wannabe to very much legit superheroes on an unassuming world, or even a collection of larger than life super spies as fond of donning immaculate suits as they are completely obliterating a church congregation, Matthew Vaughn plunged his hands into the criminal underworld with his debut feature by the name of Layer Cake.

Boasting arguably the most stacked British roster of acting talent of its time, everyone from future 007's to Professor Dumbledore himself can be spotted getting in on the cocaine dealing business throughout. But there's far more to this eye-catching tale of an anonymous protagonist wanting to kiss goodbye to this shady side of life than just a star-studded cast and particularly excruciating cups of tea.

With this vibrant and explosive dive into the British crime scene now coming in at a whopping 18 years-old, eagle-eyed fans of back garden assassinations and enough snappy one-liners to fuel a yellow Range Rover have successfully unearthed countless easily overlooked nuggets of layered gold to get stuck into since its 2004 release.

So, let's take a look at the facts of life when it comes to this particular drug-fuelled gem.

20. Jamie Foreman's Real-Life Gangster Links

Layer Cake Sienna Miller
Sony Pictures Classics

Utterly dominating the screen whenever he gurned his way into the spotlight over the course of this rather stacked crime caper, Jamie Foreman's sleazy minor leagues gangster by the name of Duke acted as one of many of the unexpected delights on offer in Vaughn's debut.

Slipping into this world with apparent ease wasn't any old coincidence, mind, as Foreman actually just so happens to be the son of a very much legit and rather infamous south London gangster by the name of Freddie Foreman. Also going by the moniker of "Brown Bread Fred", said name was a reflection of his knack for being able to effectively dispose of dead bodies.

So, it looks like Jamie didn't have to spend too much time researching his part in the Layer Cake machine beforehand...

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