20 Things You Somehow Missed In Layer Cake

19. Sienna Miller Was Marketed As A Feature Player Despite Playing Only A Minor Role

Layer Cake Sienna Miller
Columbia Pictures

Despite having only appeared in the likes of High Speed and The Ride on the big screen before her breakthrough showing in this 2004 crime tale, Sienna Miller actually found herself at the forefront of a great deal of the feature's marketing heading into its release.

However, this rather high billing alongside the film's lead Daniel Craig and the likes of Colin Meaney and Michael Gambon didn't exactly equate to a similarly sized or meaty part to chew on over the course of the runtime.

All in all, Miller sadly only acted as little more than the sausage fest of a flick's main token female presence, being reduced to a well-known lingerie visual and being the object of desire for Craig's XXXX.

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