20 Things You Somehow Missed In Rocky

10. Stallone Was Drunk During A Pivotal Scene

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There's one scene in Rocky that makes up the entire emotional core of the movie. That is when, on the eve of his fight with Creed, Rocky admits his doubts to Adrian. It's an emotionally stirring moment that the entire film builds towards.

Rocky tells Adrian that he probably can't beat Creed, but wants to go all fifteen rounds. Then he'll know, finally, that he's not a bum. It's arguably the most crucial scene in the movie, and it almost didn't make the final cut.

By the time it came to film the scene production was already over schedule. Stallone had to convince producers to let him shoot it, and even when he did, they would only give him one take. Stallone had to nail it, or they were moving on.

He was so nervous before filming that he got drunk, and that must have done the trick proving, once again, that sometimes you just need to loosen up at work. And, yes, it's perfectly normal to keep a flask hidden behind your monitor.

Your desk-mate, Todd, is just being judgemental.

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