20 Things You Somehow Missed In The Lost World: Jurassic Park

19. Different Baby T-Rex's Were Used For Different Scenes

Jurassic Park The Last World King Lear
Universal Pictures

Sitting as easily one of the most recognisable and memorable Jurassic elements of that jaw-dropping trip to John Hammond's Jurassic Park, it was only natural to welcome back some Tyrannosaurus terror when the time came to pump this Lost World into cinemas.

But on top of doubling the titanic threat by having two fully grown Rex's to contend with in the pouring rain, an infant Tyrannosaur also rocked up onto the scene to complicate matters further for the likes of Jeff Goldblum's returning Ian Malcolm and pals.

Something that likely escaped your knowledge, however, is the fact that this baby dino was brought to life via two separate practical puppets that were used at different points in the sequel.

There was one baby Rex that could be fully remote controlled as the actors ran across the perilous landscape holding the animatronic animal. But an alternative hybrid, which was control with cables and hydraulics, was used during the operating table scenes before the infant's intimidating parents decide to drop by for a chat.


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