20 Things You Somehow Missed In The Lost World: Jurassic Park

17. What Went Into The Raptors' New Look

Jurassic Park The Last World King Lear
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Easily ranking as the undoubted MVP's of this lacklustre follow-up are the dastardly Velociraptors seen picking off sorry souls in long grass and cornering Dr. Ian Malcolm in a thrilling, though eventually unintentionally hilarious, showdown.

Yet, the Raptors on show in The Lost World come equipped with a slightly different look to that of their Jurassic park predecessors, with special effects guru Stan Winston once explaining that this was due to the fact those earlier iterations of the carnivores were all female. So, this time around, with the introduction of male Raptors, the team were tasked with changing things up a touch.

Taking inspiration from nature, with males typically having more vibrant markings and colouring when it comes to many species of animal, a tiger-like set of markings was decided on by fellow dino-crafter Christopher Swift as the filmmakers successfully informed the audience as to what gender of dino they were witnessing chow down on many a human.


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