20 Things You Somehow Missed In The Social Network

19. That Winkelvoss CGI Mistake

The Social Network
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Because Armie Hammer wasn't well known by mainstream audiences in 2010, many were shocked to learn that he and his twin brother didn't in fact play the Winklevoss twins, because Hammer didn't actually have a twin.

Instead, Hammer's face was digitally superimposed over another actor, Josh Pence, to create the twin illusion, an effect that remains incredibly seamless to this very day.

However, there is a moment where the mask slips - pardon the pun - early in the film, when the "Winklevi" first approach Mark to work on their website, Harvard Connection.

Just as one brother nudges the other, for around a second Josh Pence's face is plainly visible, but once the shot cuts to Mark and back to the twins, the face has now been digitally altered to resemble Hammer.

Once you see it, you'll catch it every single time.


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