20 Things You Somehow Missed In Titanic

2. Rose Rides Her Horse "Like A Real Cowboy"

Titanic cover

When Jack and Rose are fantasising about hanging out together away from the Titanic, Jack says to her, "We'll ride horses on the beach, in the surf. But you have to do it like a real cowboy. No sidesaddle stuff."

This shocks Rose, who finds the prospect of riding "with one leg on each side" ridiculous for a woman, yet at the very end of the movie when we glimpse 100-year-old Rose's nightstand, we see a picture of her horse-riding just as Jack suggested.

As much as the pictures show that Rose made the most of her life and Jack's sacrifice, it's easy for audiences caught up in the sweeping emotion to miss this slightly more subtle inference.

The fact that the picture has been taken in front of a rollercoaster is likely also a reference to Jack telling her, "We'll ride on the roller coaster till we throw up."


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