20 Upcoming Movie Sequels That Need To End Their Franchises

Old habits Die Hard...

If there's one dependable way to spin money in Hollywood, it's to take a successful idea, dress it up in new, flashy clothing and basically rehash it again and again. In its most desirable form, this takes the shape of a sequel, repeating the winning formula that worked before for as many turns as audiences will be willing to pay out. Of course, some series manage to sufficiently change the game enough that they endure long beyond their presumed saturation point (Fast and Furious is healthier than ever, the new Mission Impossible looks fantastic, and Terminator Genisys could, but probably won't, be a bold reinvention), but for most, that sadly isn't the case. This list is a combination of franchises which have worn out viewer goodwill and are now just cash-printing exercises, franchises that were never good in the first place (but somehow keep making money), and decent franchises which nevertheless just doesn't seem to have anywhere to go after their next movie hits screens. Whatever the series, the dignified course of action is to milk the cash cow one more time and then take it out to pasture forever more. Of course, it's likely that a good number of these series will endure long beyond that, as will be considered in this article. Here are 20 upcoming movie sequels that need to end their franchises...


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