20 Upcoming Movies That Are Going To Suck

15. The Purge: Anarchy

Universal PicturesUniversal PicturesWhy It's Going To Suck: Same Director As The Original/Even Less Appealing Storyline The Purge was a movie that wasted its admittedly interesting premise entirely - set in a world where crime is made legal for one night every year, there was a lot of political and social material to explore (none of which really was). So whereas we could have had a modern classic on our hands here, what we got was the most flimsy and boring approach to the material imaginable - one that settled to be that of a generic horror film. Which means that there's little hope for the sequel, subtitled Anarchy, which will take place on a completely different night to that of the original film, and has opened up the scale of the action from "a house" to "a city." Frank Grillo is our leading man, which doesn't exactly inspire much, and the movie is being directed by the guy who wrote - would you believe it? - 1996's Jack. Yes, that odd movie with Robin Williams as a man-child. Huh?

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