20 Upcoming Movies That Are Going To Suck

16. Hercules

Paramount PicturesParamount PicturesWhy It's Going To Suck: Brett Ratner Everybody wants this to be good, of course, because it's a movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the most famous strongman in cinematic history, and yet... well, director Brett Ratner's track record speaks for itself, in as much as it says: "Brett Ratner is a terrible director" (though we have to give it to the guy for Rush Hour, because those movies are awesome). Is this going to be the second awful Hercules movie of the year? Um... Based on the comic by Steve Moore, Hercules is set to focus on the demi-God's adventures having completed his legendary "12 labours," in a plot that will see The Rock going up against a scenery chewing John Hurt, who plays the bad guy. The script has been penned by a couple of unknowns, and the trailer promises something that looks like something else we've seen a dozen times already. Given who's involved, don't you get your hopes up.

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