20 Weird and Wonderful Performances As The Devil

9. Rosalinda Celentano - The Passion of the Christ (2004)

She didn't get much publicity here in America, but Rosalinda Celentano's portrayal of the Prince of Darkness in The Passion of the Christ was creepy and sinister beyond belief. Her croaky and chilling voice, particularly when speaking in Aramaic, scared the bejesus out of me. This is the Devil I fear when I'm doing something amoral. She scared me so much my behavior bordered on angelic for three days after seeing this film just on the off chance I would go to Hell and she would be waiting there for me.Weird or Wonderful? - Wonderful and Wonderful. Celentano's performance was wonderful and Mel Gibson's decision to portray Satan in this unsettling manner was brilliant.

8. Daniel Emilfork - The Devil's Nightmare (1971)

I liked this film, but most people don't. The Devil's Nightmare is a story about a group of seven tourists - each supposedly representing one of the Seven Deadly Sins - who are stranded when they miss their ferry. An undertaker (in reality, the Devil) directs them to an old castle that serves as a hotel. At the castle is a delicious succubus (played by a VERY steamy Erika Blanc) who seduces each of the tourists in a manner befitting their particular Sin. Emilfork's role is small, but he really pulls off a disturbing Satan. Weird or Wonderful? - Weird. I mean, look at that guy!
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