20 Weird and Wonderful Performances As The Devil

7. Elizabeth Hurley, Peter Cook - Bedazzled (2000)

I don't know about you, but if Elizabeth Hurley is the Devil, then I believe in God. Elliot Richardson (Brendan Fraser), in yet another "I sold my soul to the Devil" movie on this list, is given seven wishes which he uses in an attempt to turn around his non-existent romance with the girl of his dreams (Francis O'Connor). Naturally, Satan puts her own devilish twist on each of Elliot's wishes (except the last one, of course). Fraser does an outstanding job, as does Hurley. O'Connor turns in an equally pleasant performance (although it seems I'm in the minority with this opinion), making this one of the better remakes, for pure entertainment value, that I've seen. Yes, the original is still better, and yes the Elizabeth Hurley version is silly and childish, but I had fun with this one. Of course, Hurley's portrayal of the Devil is a remake of an earlier movie starring Peter Cook as the Devil. As mimicked in the Elizabeth Hurley version of Bedazzled, Satan convinces a man (in this case Dudley Moore) to sell his soul for seven wishes, which are used in an attempt to turn around the non-existent romance with the girl of his dreams. And once again, Lucifer puts his own devilish twist on each wish. The best part? Raquel Welch (with nice, long hair) as Lust. Watch the remake, then watch this one. Weird or Wonderful? - Wonderful. Both performances were outstanding, with Cook delivering a hipster Devil that still retains its evil and Hurley delivering the sexy and oh-so-nice Satan. I loved them both.
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