20 Worst Movie Moments Of The Decade

You'll never forget them... but you'll want to.

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The 2010s is drawing to a close and much like the noughties it's been a mixed decade for cinema. There have been many wonderful films that'll stay with us forever... but unfortunately, like with every other cinematic decade, the 2010s have given us a ton of turkeys as well. Along with them have come many, many dreadful movie moments which are going to take a long time to forget.

In the 2000s, there were plenty of dire movie moments. To name a few, we had horrors like Pearl Harbour's love triangle, the terrible endings of Signs, Matrix Revolutions, High Tension, The Village, Sunshine and Indiana Jones 4, the CGI wave in Die Another Day, Battle Royale II's Al Qaeda-inspired heroes, Catwoman's risible action scenes, the CGI deer attack in The Ring Two, Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut, emo Peter Parker, the Indiana Jones parody in Disaster Movie, robot balls in Transformers 2 and arguably worst of all, The Matrix Reloaded's Zion rave.

So, what terrible cinematic scenes join those in the ranks of the worst modern movie moments? It's time to find out...

20. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice - "Martha!"

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This infamous scene from this highly underwhelming superhero flick has become one of the most widely mocked movie scenes of the decade and it's not hard to see why.

It was perfectly clear that Batman and Superman would eventually team up against Lex Luthor, but the film couldn't have handled this in a worse way. Not only does the film's (to be fair, highly entertaining) battle between the two superheroes end all too quickly, but just when Batman is about to kill Superman, Superman yells out "Save Martha!!" Batman abruptly starts freaking out and demanding to know why Superman said that name.

Once Lois Lane arrives and explains that Martha is the name of Superman's mother, Batman suddenly forgets his entire conflict with Superman and they team up.

This terribly written scene was just clunky as hell and Batman's change of heart was far too quick to take remotely seriously. Also, why on earth would Superman refer to his mother by her first name?

Unfortunately for Warner Bros., it's unlikely this awful scene will be forgotten any time soon.

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