20 Worst Movie Moments Of The Decade

19. Grown Ups - Farting Running Gag

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This Adam Sandler comedy is an utter car crash from start to finish. Not only is it unfunny and obnoxious, but it's also one of the laziest films you'll ever see, since it doesn't have anything resembling a plot and just coasts along on the same jokes again and again and again.

Case in point: throughout the film, Kurt's (Chris Rock) mother-in-law Ronzoni is seated on a porch swing outside the lakeside house where the titular 'Grown Ups' and their families are staying and she farts loudly. Again and again and again. For the whole movie. This is the entire joke.

Sure, the entire film is terrible, but this running gag lingers in the memory since it's an example of just how coarse, lazy and staggeringly unfunny modern comedy can be at its worst. It's because of jokes like this that Grown Ups, despite its noble intentions of being a hilarious summer comedy, was instead about as funny as 12 Years a Slave.

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