20 Worst Movies Of 2017 (So Far)

Films can't survive on nostalgia (and The Rock) alone...

Worst Films 2017

After the scorched filmic landscape of 2016, there were some pretty high hopes for what 2017 would be in its wake. It would be a mender, at the very least, restoring all of our faith in blockbusters and driving home on some of the past year's meagre successes.

Sadly, it hasn't been great. Even Dwayne The Rock Johnson has had one poor showing, which is pretty close to one of the biblical heralds of the apocalypse. Perhaps it's just because we're beginning to all notice that we cannot be sustained on nostalgia alone. And that being fed new versions of old stories - whether that's beach cops, motorbike cops, Arthurian legend or long-dead horror franchises - isn't actually all that good.

There have certainly been worse years than this (it's up for debate whether last year's first half was any better, really), but there seems to be an unprecedented number of film projects swaggering with a confidence that they really aren't due. Like seriously, how DARE they even try to remake CHiPS!

Dotted in amongst the flubs and turkeys there have been high-points - like Wonder Woman, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 and Get Out - but there's a lot of sh*t out there too. Let's just hope the summer picks things up from here...

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