20 Worst Movies Of 2018

It's not been a good year for Robin Hood, Bruce Willis or Netflix...

Rotten Robin Hood

It's always tempting at this stage of any year to look back and try and work out whether the past twelve months have amounted to a "Good" movie year or a "Bad" one. Such thinking is inevitably pretty limiting, but sometimes it's appropriate. 1994, for instance, was a Very Good year. 2018, on the other hand, was more of a mixed bag.

Sure, there were some very good releases and one of the highest grossing movies ever made came out, but there were lots of blockbusters that missed the mark and there's a worrying trend of obviously lazy releases coming out that look like disasters from a million miles away before they're even in cinemas.

Overall, it's probably not fair to say it was an entirely Bad year, but these releases probably aren't going to stand the test of time...

20. Game Over, Man!

Game Over Man

Fundamentally, Game Over, Man! is a crass, self-congratulatory and just plain not funny. It's mostly disappointing because it comes from the same talent behind the very funny Workaholics.

Even fans of that show will have struggled to get much more than a few moments of bemusement from this Netflix exclusive, which sought to gross-out and offend rather than entertain for the most part. There's an attempt at an affectionate Die Hard parody, but when you besmirch that film's good name with autoerotic asphyxiation jokes, analingus and awful, awful mugging, you ought to be hauled over the coals.

John McClane didn't die for this. He'd probably wish he was dead if he'd watched it, though.

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