20 Worst Movies Of 2019

2019 might have had the highest grossing movie of all time, but it had some awful ones too.

Gemini Man

2019 has seen some fantastic movies released, with the likes of Marriage Story, Booksmart, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Knives Out winning huge praise (you can read more about those HERE).

Meanwhile, Avengers: Endgame scored big at the box office, while Joker and Detective Pikachu served up some surprises and got everyone talking.

As ever, mixed in with all of that though, we had some stinkers.

These movies are the year’s worst of the worst. This lot are the rancid, lumpy chunks of old milk that have been left in the fridge for a month after their expiration date.

It’s not just how bad a film is which lands it here, though that is the main factor. There’s also the cast, the budget, the hype around it and the overall disappointment of the movie to contend with too...

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