20 Worst Movies Of 2022

Delving into the bottom of the barrel...

Pinocchio Disney

It's not been a particularly strong year for movies. Warner Bros. delayed many DCEU projects to 2023, and flat-out cancelled multiple finished projects. (Batgirl R.I.P.) The highly anticipated Lightyear was Pixar's weakest film since Cars 2. Even Hollywood top-dog Marvel seems to be running out of steam.

Now, there's no question 2022 pumped out some terrific films, like Top Gun: Maverick and The Batman. It's also been a strong period for horror, thanks to features like Barbarian, Scream, and Pearl. However, when you overview the last 12 months thoroughly, it appears the bad outweighs the good.

Sadly, we're not just looking at the bad. We are exploring movies that range from insultingly awful to borderline unwatchable. This year has churned out so many pointless remakes, cringey blockbusters, and needless sequels, it genuinely feels like modern studios have given up.

Although we've looked at this subject a few months ago, we were compelled to compile a new list, since the second-half of 2022 has brought us a whole new treasure trove of trite trash. Even though the movie industry has brought us a lot of garbage this year, this is the worst it has to offer.

20. Jurassic World Dominion

Pinocchio Disney

Since Jurassic World: Dominion is the final instalment in Steven Spielberg's franchise (for now), you'd expect this entry to give us everything we ever wanted. Because this sequel was bringing back the old gang, it looked like that was exactly what we were going to get.

Although many skeptical fans weren't expecting a showstopper, no one could've anticipated how awful Dominion was going to be. (By comparison, Jurassic Park III looks like the Second Coming.) The original ensemble are barely implemented, it's devoid of scares or emotion, it's surprisingly slow for an action movie, and it's runtime is longer than a sauropod.

Sadly, we have yet to look at the worst element. After the human clone subplot in the previous entry received scathing criticism, you'd think this instalment would correct things by focusing more on the T-Rexes and velociraptors.

Instead, the dinosaurs aren't even the main villains! Instead, the big threat is... giant locusts... in a movie centred around a dinosaur park. Before you ask, yes, it's exactly as stupid as it sounds.


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