20 Worst Performances In MCU Movies

If you thought this consisted of wasted actors, love interests and villains you'd be 100% right.

Idris Elba Thor Ragnarok
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As Avengers: Infinity War hit cinemas, a glance at its incredible cast list was a reminder of the sheer amount of acting talent the MCU has assembled over the years. It seems like nearly every actor around has been in these films at some point but not all of them have come out of it well. Sadly, as great as the MCU is, there are a lot of flat performances across the franchise.

Certain actors, such as Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans, have had their careers defined by the MCU but given how many characters there are in the MCU not all of them can be served as well.

In the now 19 film-strong franchise, there are ridiculous numbers of cardboard cut-out villains, love interests and supporting parts which even the world's most seasoned performer would struggle to make interesting.

Unsurprisingly the excess of useless characters has led to many underwhelming performances while Marvel has also given roles to some highly underwhelming actors over the years. In such a big cinematic universe it can be hard to stand out.

These following actors are in an odd position: they'd probably prefer to forget about being in cinema's biggest franchise...

20. Peter Dinklage

Idris Elba Thor Ragnarok

Character: Eitri

Appeared In: Avengers: Infinity War

If there's one thing the MCU loves, it's jokes. Every one of their films is full of them, for better or for worse, and Avengers: Infinity War was no different. This character was one of the film's biggest jokes. It's the dwarf from Game of Thrones playing a giant space dwarf! It's therefore impossible to take Eitri seriously since he's just a joke.

This is just another lazy attempt to cash in on Game of Thrones' popularity by throwing in one of the actors. This type of cashing-in has never worked and given that we've seen so many disastrous attempts to cash in (Jaime Lannister in The Other Woman, Sansa Stark in X-Men and, worst of all, Dinklage himself in Adam Sandler's Pixels), such attempts will now be met with nothing but disdain.

Having such a brilliant actor turn up, speak a few lines in his Game of Thrones accent and not really do anything is frustrating and distracting more than anything else. As for Dinklage, he's given nothing to do and visually Eitri is unintentionally hilarious. Infinity War is an excellent, excellent movie but this subplot should've been left out.

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