20 WTF 2015 Movie Moments You Probably Missed

Get ready to feel uncomfortable...

2015 was a year full of beguiling, shocking and downright weird movie scenes: we all remember the high heels debacle in Jurassic World and that certain character's devastating demise in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but what about those movies that flew a little lower on the cinematic radar? None of these films were massively commercial successes, and in fact some of them were flat-out bombs, but each was low-key enough that you probably missed them the first time around. Now that they're largely available on home video, what better time to give these movies a chance, if only for the supremely f***ed up, outrageously funny and mind-blowingly bizarre scenes you won't soon forget. From weird sex to stomach-churning violence and everything in-between you can't even imagine, 2015 had it all if you were prepared to dig a little below the surface to get your fill of weird. Here are 20 WTF 2015 movie moments you probably missed...

20. Christian Bale Sucks Natalie Portman's Toes - Knight Of Cups

As Hollywood screenwriter Rick (Christian Bale) fully indulges in the hedonistic L.A. scene while trying to make sense of his life, he gets intimate with a woman, Elizabeth (Natalie Portman). In one scene late in the film, the pair are kissing, rolling around and staring at one another in that distinctively weird Terrence Malick style, before Rick forcefully grabs her foot, and after a moment, she tells him to open his mouth. She then shoves her foot in his mouth as he lovingly sucks on her toes and grabs her foot with his hand. It's truly bizarre even for Malick's standards, and proves just how debased actors will get to work with the enigmatic filmmaker. Plus, we hear Tarantino freaking loved it.
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