2013 Movies That Would Be Improved With Star Trek Characters

What could have been if Hollywood was run by a Trek nerd.

Though 2013 had some incredible highs, with astonishing films like 12 Years A Slave, The Wolf On Wall Street and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty drawing adulation and the promise of shiny accolades, there is always room for improvement. Some will point to moments in the biggest films of the year that just didn't feel right, or creative mistakes that derailed potentially great movies, while others will suggest that more wholesale changes should have been made from the get-go, like not making a film at all, in the case of Movie 43 and Grown-Ups 2. But really, there's a far more simple solution to making even the best films of 2013 even better. So move over Sandra Bullock, take a hike Leo DiCaprio, the Enterprise crews are boldly going to show film audiences exactly what could have been if Hollywood was run by a Trek nerd. You see, in the most basic terms, everything is improved with the addition of Star Trek. And that's science.

6. The Worf Of Wall Street

A dramatic occupational change of career for the hulking security officer, but he looks tremendous in a suit, and there is definitely some synergy between Worf's commitment to honour at all cost, and Jordan Belfort's quest for money and status no matter what. Thanks to a misread by a Tumblr user's friend, we now know what the famously bad-tempered Klingon would look like leading a Scorsese drama.

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