21 Batman Movies That Almost Happened

Adam West wrote one. And yes, it's EXACTLY what you'd expect.

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For a long time, in the wake of two disastrous Batman screen projects, it seemed like Batman might never get a fair swing at capturing the unlimited potential of the character on a Hollywood screen. The 1960s camp cult classic almost ruined the comic books, and pushed the idea of an adaptation off the cliff for almost two decades, and then another decade later, studio meddling and a wayward attempt to "toyify" a splendidly dark and gothic rebirth of the character meant we ended up swallowing Arnold Schwarzenegger's despicable icy puns in the name of a more universally appealing Batman.

Meanwhile, the criticism of Burton stuck, and we ended up with the cookie, but ultimately candy shop version of the young pretender who helped rescue Batman with Michael Uslan in the '80s. So we can probably blame Warner Bros. for that as well. But never let it be said that the studio giants didn't try their damnedest to get multiple Batman projects made - and so did Adam West from his post-Batman cultural exile - because over the years we have almost seen a mighty 21 projects in one way or another.

Taking in the cream of Hollywood's directing talent, and the greatest/worst idea in the history of Batman (as attempted by Adam West, of course), we're looking back at the unproduced scripts and pitched movies that could have changed the screen history of Batman movies for everyone, and definitely not always for the better.

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