21 Batman Movies That Almost Happened

21. Adam West€™'s Batman

Camp Batman Adam West
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In the June 1989 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Adam West gave an obviously embittered interview about his time as the Bat, and the forthcoming release of the original Burton Batman - which he dismissed as "Robocop in Gotham City", and admitted he hadn't actually been approached to play Thomas Wayne as occasionally suggested ("they totally ignored me.") In the same interview, he offered some fantastic, and frankly astonishing insight into the Batman film that he had tried to get made, in the process confirming what everyone now knows about Adam West - that he is utterly bonkers.

Here's his run-down:

"Bruce Wayne had basically retired to his ranch in New Mexico after having cleaned up Gotham City. Most of the main villains were in madhouses or penitentiaries. So I invented a new supervillain called Sun Yat Mars, who was so heinous he inspired to spring them on one horrible stormy night, making them his minions - Marsies. Moreover he was kidnapping college kids from all over the world, taking them to his Zombie Satellite, which was very Alien looking, and there they marched like Dacua, filing in long lines into these terrible machines that sucked their brains out.

Holy. Sh*t.

He went on to say that there'd be signs of alien invasion, moonlit romantic horse-riding and the Boy Wonder as "a singing medical intern... He's chasing nurses around with his guitar - the Bruce Springsteen of Mercy Hospital."

So that's Scrubs meets the Matrix meets Alien meets the Nazis meets Batman. Why anyone didn't option this is beyond the realms of logic. And to think this would have starred West's version of the Batman is just ludicrously brilliant. You really have to hope this was West's little joke, but judging by what he's done since, that's far from certain.

And West's attempts to make a Batman project for himself didn't stop there...

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