21 Perfect Superhero Movie Casting Choices That Nailed Their Characters

It takes a special kind of actor to hand in performances this faithful...

If there is anything more controversial in online nerd-chatter these days than the casting process for comic book films? Well, yeah, but this isn't to say that casting is insignificant. On the contrary, casting (and this goes for any book-to-screen adaptation really) makes or breaks a film, especially in building up a ground-swell of support from those most familiar with the source material.

We currently hold the privilege of being in the midst of a gargantuan comic-book bonanza, with almost every film released from '08 onwards guaranteed to find some form of critical or commercial reverence. Whilst we have a whole host of industry talents to thank for this, it would be fair to say an awful lot of this success has hinged on the performers who have so meticulously brought to life fan-favourite characters from the pages of Marvel, DC and beyond.

Sure, there is the odd forgettable role every now and then, but for the most part performances have been indistinguishable from their comic book counterparts. On that note, it only makes sense to celebrate the most faithful of these performances €“ the roles that really leaped off the page in a way akin to no other.

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