21 Perfect Superhero Movie Casting Choices That Nailed Their Characters

21. Karl Urban As Judge Dredd - Dredd

Dredd Reboot

2012's Dredd had a lot to rectify, more so than most reboots do. Sylvester Stallone's ill-advised '90s cliché of a film really did nothing for the Judge from the pages of 2000 A.D., committing a cardinal sin in revealing Dredd's face, which is pretty much the biggest no-no you could possibly do when it comes to the character.

The slow-mo infused underrated gem featuring Karl Urban faired far better as far as critics and fans were concerned, with the Kiwi actor turning in a stellar performance as the stern enforcer of Mega City. The entire film just feels like a huge love-letter to the comics of old, which makes its status as a box-office disappointment evermore frustrating.

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