21 Problems Only Film Students Will Understand

Please don't ask if we just watch films all day. We will cut you.

Film students have it pretty great, right? While everyone else is pulling all-nighters to cram for their exams, these movie fanatics are loving life, sitting around watching films all day while planning their next shoot. That's all they do, right? RIGHT? WRONG! Anyone who's studied cinema knows that the life of a film student is far more challenging than it's often given credit for. If film studies was as easy as people suggest, then everyone would be passing with flying colors, but like any major, the subject brings its own unique set of challenges for students to overcome. If you're planning to take film studies for an easy ride, think again. What follows are 21 things that only film students will understand, so if you're still thinking about taking this popular university course, read on before you confirm your place. For those of you who are already studying film, join us as we relive those hilarious yet annoying moments that frequently occur in the life of a film student. Remember to share your own comical experiences in the comments section below.

21. When People Say You Have An Easy Or Pointless Major

"Who needs another doctor in the family anyway?" is something you will never hear your parents say when they find out you're applying to study film at university.

20. "So All You Do Is Watch Films All Day?"

After resisting the urge to punch people in the face, try to keep it together when they continue by asking if you have actual tests to study for. Why would film students have formal exams when they can just grade us according to how many Adam Sandler movies we can stomach in one sitting?

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