21 Problems Only Film Students Will Understand

19. "I Could Watch Birth Of A Nation Every Day Just For Fun."

Anyone who says they actually enjoyed watching The Birth Of A Nation for three hours is a pathological liar. Anyone who says they genuinely enjoyed discussing the movies merits for another three hours after should not be trusted around sharp objects, but you inevitably keep this view to yourself as you're worried other students will think you didn't understand the film.

18. Over Analyzing Every Single Film You Watch In Your Spare Time

Transformers: Age Of Extinction is a metaphor for the Cold War and American totalitarianism... or something, right? I mean, Michael Bay must have had more in mind than just giant robots beating the crap out of each other... THERE'S FOUR MOVIES NOW FOR GOD'S SAKE! NO ONE COULD POUR THAT MUCH TIME AND EFFORT INTO SOMETHING SO MINDLESS...

16. Judging People For Their Favorite Movie Choice

You're at a party and you've just hit it off with someone. Of course, you're going to ask them what their favorite movie is. "Oh, I'm sorry. I obviously didn't hear you properly. Did you say Failure To Launch?" Game over man. Game over! Dates, friends... even family all fall to the wayside with an answer like this. It's all for the best though. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life right now.

17. The Inner Turmoil That Occurs When People Ask What Your Favorite Movie Is

"Will I sound pretentious if I choose The Seventh Seal? Wait, are we talking about what's the most enjoyable film or the one that had the widest cultural impact? Will they judge me for picking a Jim Carrey movie?" Once your answer's out there, there's no going back. It's like the other movies you didn't pick know you didn't choose them. It's literally Sophie's Choice.

David is a primary school teacher who tries his best to turn every math lesson into a discussion on the latest Pixar film. Passions include superheroes, zombies and Studio Ghibli. In between going to the cinema, moving to South Korea and eating his body weight in KFC, David writes for a number of movie sites, http://becarefulyourhand.blogspot.co.uk/