21 Things Horror Movies Ruined For Every One

Damn you Stephen King!

Human beings are indeed a particularly peculiar bunch. No other species derives pleasure from fear quite like we do. And the horror movie genre is solid proof of this fact. For decades the genre has been effectively and relentlessly scaring the bejesus out of us in countless different ways. It started with classic movie monsters like Dracula and The Wolfman before moving on to slasher villains like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger and eventually moving on to the realm of ridiculous brutality with movies like The Human Centipede, Hostel and the Saw films. However, certain horror films take a different approach. They look to twist innocent things that were once cherished (and/or harmless) and pervert them into harbingers of terror. Sure, torture contraptions, zombies, and certifiable crazies are always sure-fire tools in the horror movie arsenal that get audiences blood pumping. But today we are going to be looking at the everyday things that the horror genre has gotten its demented paws on and forever ruined for us all. In other words, we are now paying the price for our horror movie thrill seeking ways. The following is a list of things that will be forever tainted due to horror movies and we only have ourselves to blame. Let's get started.
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