22 Actors Who Crossed The Marvel/DC Movie Divide

Traitors one and all.

When something becomes as insanely popular as the comic book movie genre, it's inevitable that a hell of a lot of extremely famous actors will lend their talents to it. And as with the binary split of the fanbases, typical thinking says you're either Marvel or you're DC. Crossing the divide would surely be a gross act of betrayal? Surprisingly, though, there are actually a high number of stars who have appeared in both. For some fans, they are committing the eighth deadly sin. Such is the rivalry between Marvel and DC that they argue actors should pick a side and stick with it, especially if their first role struck a bum note. Hence why Ben Affleck's casting as Batman, after murdering Daredevil, initially resulted in a very hostile backlash from comic book movie aficionados. But Hollywood is a hell of a lot more forgiving - and willing to forget former allegiances - than the fans. Luckily, or we wouldn't have had some great performances...

22. Anthony Hopkins

The legendary Sir Anthony Hopkins has famously portrayed the powerful Allfather Odin - the father of the titular character - in both 2011's Thor and the first sequel. Both of those movies are, of course, Marvel Studios offerings and based on Marvel comic book characters, but he has also appeared in a movie based on a DC title in the shape of RED 2. The 2013 sequel to RED focuses on a group of former CIA agents (RED is an acronym for Retired, Extremely Dangerous) and Hopkins plays Dr. Edward Bailey - a physicist who created a bomb that is pivotal to the movie's plot. The RED mini-series was published under the WildStorm name, which is an imprint of its parent company DC Comics.

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