22 Greatest Dying Words Of Iconic Movie Villains

13. Syndrome - The Incredibles

The Line: "This isn't the end of it! I will get your son eventually! I will get your son...! Oh No!" How He Dies: In both a pleasant call-back and a harrowing pay-off, Syndrome - probably the most evil of Pixar's complex villains considering his motivation (close competitors Lotso was emotionally unhinged and Hopper is simply acting on his natural instincts) - ends up sucked into his own jet engine, and minced. Though it doesn't quite happen on screen, there'e enough there to prove a disturbing moment, especially in something ostensibly marketed as a children's film, but it is exactly what the flame-haired villain deserves. Not only does the manner of his death fit his ego-maniacal personality (he ignores the obvious threat of wearing a cape, despite having exhaustively researched his potential superhero opponents, and presumably their deaths) but the switch from villainous grand-standing to helpless scrabbling for life reinforces the fact that he is only human - another somewhat chilling cap on Pixar's most complex hero/villain dynamic.
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