22 Greatest Dying Words Of Iconic Movie Villains

2. Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

The Line: "Now shall you deal with me, O Prince, and all the powers of hell!" How She Dies: A good old fashioned sword to the guts. If you read beneath the surface of some Disney films, you could develop the impression that the animation house had some hang-ups about powerful femininity, and that the only reasonable way to conquer it would be phallic-style impalement. But even pushing that aside for a minute, the moment the sorceress turns into a dragon and gets an enchanted sword through the heart remains one of the greatest pay-offs in Disney history. She is a monstrous villain, threatening and terrifying in equal measure, and their is genuine menace in her final threat, even as the Prince limbers up to unthinkably take her down. And though this is a Disney film and the demise is inevitably, it is lines like her final one that make us wish, for just a minute, that being an incredible character could be enough to save even the darkest villains. So which are the greatest dying words in the long inglorious history of movie villains?
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