22 Jump Street: 8 Funniest Meta Jokes

7. Jenko's Operation Suggestion

This one is a case of thinking "Hmmm, that sounds awfully familiar..." before slowly realising quite what they are referring to. Towards the beginning, when meeting with the Deputy Chief, Jenko and Schmidt are suggesting what to do for their next operation after their last one failed quite so spectacularly. Jenko suggests an idea for operation in which they "go in the secret service to protect the White House?", and then goes on to defend the idea protectively when Schmidt calls it a "terrible idea that would never work". Could he be defending it with so much enthusiasm because Channing Tatum played a role in which he did exactly that only last year? Perhaps... It's a fun reference to Channing Tatum's blossoming career as an action star, as well as a nudge about White House Down's slight lapse in realism. The fact an action film is calling out another action film for being somewhat over the top and ridiculous (especially an action film like 22 Jump Street) is a funny jibe at the genre itself; one of many in this film.

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