22 WTF Moments From The Paranormal Activity Franchise

Ranked from weird to totally insane...

The found footage phenomenon Paranormal Activity finally comes to a close this week with The Ghost Dimension (in 3D, no less!), so what better time to look back at the series' five previous movies and scour the most memorably WTF moments? From initially shocking scares that would establish tropes throughout the series, to unexpected plot twists, terrible product placement, increasingly desperate attempts to extend the franchise's longevity and the most consistently nerve-wracking use of kitchens in recent horror history, the series has had more than its share of bizarre, disturbing, aggravating and downright weird scenes. Ahead of the finale, which will be sure to add at least a few more items to this list, here are 22 WTF moments from the Paranormal Activity franchise...

22. Katie Watches Micah Sleep For Two Hours... Twice (Paranormal Activity)

Easily one of the weirdest and creepiest moments in the entire series occurs when Katie gets out of bed in the middle of the night and simply stares, catatonic, watching Micah as he sleeps for almost two hours. This is then repeated at the very end of the movie and isn't much less unsettling. Director Oren Peli smartly makes the whole thing even creepier by employing soft environmental noise in the background, a low hum designed to make the viewer more uncomfortable. Sleep is our most vulnerable time, and who wouldn't be supremely terrified to know that someone was staring at them as they traveled to the land of nod? It was also repeated once more in the third movie, as a young Kristi watched her mother and Dennis sleep.

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