23 Problems Aspiring Screenwriters Face On A Frequent Basis

14. Realising You Like Writing Your Secondary Characters More Than Your Protagonist

"It's not that he's boring, exactly..." Yeah. It is.

13. Trying To Pitch Your Idea To Somebody And Realising You Can't Make It Sound Good

"Well, in a nutshell, it's about this couple who go on holiday to South America, and they have a run in with these, like, pirates, who try to enlist them as drug traffickers... I mean, it sounds pretty basic, but there's a lot more to it than that. I mean, it's meta. It's really meta." Did you say META? Oh, boy. How amazing and clever of you. It's a shame that everything is meta nowadays. And even if you try to write something that definitely isn't meta, the act of purposely writing something non-meta is actually kind of meta in itself.

12. Starting New Projects Without Finishing The Old Ones

"Oh, so I should just waste this awesome idea? You're telling me NOT to get going with this whilst it's still fresh in my mind? Don't worry, pal: I can handle writing two scripts at once. Trust me." Zero screenplays finished. Forty-seven abandoned (all of which probably end on page 10).

11. Wondering Whether What You're Writing Would Actually Work Better As A Novel

"I'm starting to find the conventions of screenplay writing rather restricting, you know." Or how about a concept album or an art installation or a ride at Universal Studios? Those are all great ideas and will definitely amount to something in the future.

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