24 Harry Potter Easter Eggs And Details You Probably Missed

JK Rowling was clearly the real wizard.

Dumbledore Dance Gif Harry Potter: making people wish they were even just a squib in order to live amongst the magical. There are few things that have had such a huge impact on the collected hearts and souls of book and film fans quite like Harry Potter; creating magic and love for a franchise that will most definitely remain until the end of all things. J.K. Rowling's genius and her world has influenced fans' lives beyond mere entertainment; from memorable quotes, to realising the importance of love and friendship and everyone wanting to relocate and work in Watford... or Florida, Alnwick and Scotland just to be closer to the fictional characters they have all irrevocably fallen in love with. The grief that has lingered since the Order Of The Phoenix (when sh*t got Siruis) is something that we would not wish on your worst enemy - okay, maybe Umbridge - and then got progressively worse over the series of the last books and films where closest friends were cruelly taken and the journey ended. However, even now, fans have not fully appreciated the sheer enormity and dedication of Rowling's plan for the series and there are a few things that we might have missed in the original books whilst we were in our glass cases of emotion.

24. The Entrance To Dumbledore's Office

According to the book, Dumbledore's office has a griffin knocker on the door. In other words, it's literally a Griffin Door.

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