24 Harry Potter Easter Eggs And Details You Probably Missed

23. God Bless Alan Rickman

Snape Was Trying To Save Me Gif When you read the books and imagine the voice of Severus Snape, it really is just Alan Rickman being Alan Rickman. His emotions towards Harry throughout the films are exactly how J.K.Rowling expected him to act. And of course, it wasn't hatred on Harry's behalf, but the love of his mother - a secret that Rickman knew before anyone else did. Rickman kept his secret for the entire filming process and even had to convince producers and directors to trust his portrayal of Snape. Quite wonderfully, Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe actually had a Snape/Harry dynamic on set, according to the latter's Reddit AMA:
"The first few years I was genuinely quite intimidated by Alan, just because of the voice and the way he sort of carries himself. But as I grew up, I realized he was one of the kindest and most supportive members of that cast to me."

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